Data! And lots of it.

A theory is nothing without evidence to back it up.  Similarly, evidence is nothing without a theory to explain it.  In this post, I am laying out all climatic and galactic data needed to evaluate the various theories about the cause of global warming.  There is significant debate about what specific data sets properly measure the phenomenon listed below, and this makes things very difficult.  This post merely contains the data needed, and in following posts, I will go from data subject to data subject, assessing what data sets are most appropriate for measuring the phenomenon.  In the end, I would like to compile correct data for all climate and galactic phenomenon relevant to the global warming debate from 1880 to the present.  Having this sort of database would be extremely helpful, and it would limit the debate to theory. 


*Note that italicized statements are to emphasize theoretical speculation for temperature response


Changes in Climate


Surface Temperature


                -Northern Hemisphere


                -Southern Hemisphere


                -Any other notable regional trends?

Atmospheric Temperature



                                -N. Hemisphere


                                -S. Hemisphere



                                -Lower Stratosphere

                                -Upper Stratosphere




Oceanic Temperature







-Northern Hemisphere


-Southern Hemisphere


-Any other notable regional trends?


Water Vapor Content

-Global Trend

-Any specific regional trends?


Cloud Cover

-Upper Atmosphere

-Middle Atmosphere

-Lower Atmosphere


Heat Budget

-Ocean Heat Content

-Atmospheric Heat Content

-Other Heat Reservoirs



-Incoming shortwave

-Outgoing longwave


Possible Explanations for Above Changes in Climate

Greenhouse Gas Levels



-Other gases

-Theoretical temperature response is logarithmic, ignoring atmospheric expansion


Solar Data


-Sunspot number

-Cycle Length

-Solar Wind Intensity

-UV Radiation

-Energetic Particle flux

-Linear temperature response or integrated temperature response?


Other Galactic Data

-Galactic Cosmic Radiation levels

-Linear temperature response? 

-Or asymptotic cloud formation (and thus temperature) response?

-Lunar-Terrestrial Gravitational Interplay

                -Linear temperature response?


Oceanic Oscillations

-Pacific Decadal Oscillation

-Atlantic Multi decadal Oscillation

-ENSO Cycle

-Other Cycles

-Sum of all Cycles


Global Albedo

-Volcanic controbution

-Anthropogenic aerosol contribution


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