ENSO Forecasts

We’ve got some predictions.
Erl Happ is predicting the return of La Nina in September.       

“Lack of sunspot pressure and a very quiet solar wind that keeps 200hPa temperatures very low, historically they have never been as low as long as we have kept records. Add to that the fact that the Southern Ocean cools strongly in NH summer and that cold tongue is now pushing up from the South. The positive sea surface temperature anomalies in the NH are vanishing fast. Just check out the amount of cold surface water there is in the Southern Hemisphere and compare the area of the ocean in the southern to the Northern Hemisphere.”

Mr. Happ reminds me: “Remember, my prediction of a La Nina late in the year is conditional on Lack of sunspot pressure and a very quiet solar wind that keeps 200hPa temperatures very low.  The next El Nino will come when Solar Cycle 24 revs up.”


David Dilley, a proponent of one of the crazy solar system gravity rules terrestrial climate theories, is predicting El Nino in December.

“Meteorologist and climate researcher David Dilley of Global Weather Oscillations Inc. (GWO) says a recurring gravitational cycle called the “Primary Forcing Mechanism (PFM) for climate”, will act like a magnet and cause the South Pacific high pressure center to be pulled out of its normal location in October and November, setting the stage for a moderate to strong El Niño to form in December.” (http://www.prweb.com/releases/2008/07/prweb1158684.htm)

Both Erl Happ and David Dilley hold theories that are contrary to modern climate change theory, and both projections are based on their theories.  I’m intrigued by Happ’s theory and I’ll be posting on it soon.


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