Arctic Oscillation and AGW

There are many projected effects of an increase in GHG content under the assumption of a high climate sensitivity.  One of which is a cooling lower stratosphere, a topic that I addressed in a recent post.  Today, I ran into this we-knew-it-would-happen-all-along after-the-fact claim projection of climate models – an altered Arctic Oscillation with higher atmospheric pressure over the North Pole.

The claim is awkwardly outlined here at a University of Washington site:

The graph below is of atmospheric pressure over the North Pole, an indicator of the Arctic Oscillation.  It is taken from from Hodges (2000).


My first reaction is how in the world do we know atmospheric pressure over the North Pole in 1900?  I’ll have better informed comments on the issue soon.


2 Responses to “Arctic Oscillation and AGW”

  1. Charles Colenaty Says:

    I came across this site thanks to a Google Alert I had set up for the Arctic Oscillation. You are doing an amazing job — where do you get the time? The list of climate bloggers is appreciated. You might think of adding Allan Watt’s whatsupwiththat and Lucia’s Blackboard. In any event, the list is going to be a real resource for me.

    The graph that appears above doesn’t match the text. It shows lower than normal pressure and starts out well after 1900.

  2. carlwolk Says:

    Thanks for your intetest. Where do I get the time? I started the blog as a high school senior, and I’m a couple weeks into college. We’ll see how long I can keep posting for. Expect an occasional week of no posts.
    I see you answered your own questions in the post above, but I will be adding more blogs soon.

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