Data Collection: Oscillations

I’ve spent a lot of time tracking down and graphing this data.  It’s part of my attempt to make a record of all terrestrial climate data since 1900.

Below are oscillations that I managed to find on a very long time scale.

(D’Arrigo, R., et al. 2005. Pacific Decadal Oscillation Reconstruction. IGBP PAGES/World Data Center for Paleoclimatology Data Contribution Series # 2005-020. NOAA/NGDC Paleoclimatology Program, Boulder CO, USA. ORIGINAL REFERENCE: D’Arrigo, R., R. Villalba, and G. Wiles. 2001. Tree-ring estimates of Pacific decadal climate variability. Climate Dynamics, Volume 18, Numbers 3-4, pp. 219-224, December 2001. )

Since 1900…

Since 1950…

Since 1998…


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